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About us

EMART® US was established in Los Angeles at 2014 by a group of techies obsessed with photography gear and creating the perfect conditions to shoot amazing pictures and videos. We appreciate the fast paced innovation of the photography industry, constantly pushing out newer and better camera models and lenses, and releasing improved photography editing software every other minute it seems… But we also know that none of that matters if the lighting and conditions are not spot on.

For that reason we decided to launch a line of professional grade photography, studio and lighting equipment under our own brand, EMART®. When our customers spend thousands of dollars on video and photography gear we will not allow bad lighting to ruin their results.

By offering photo and studio equipment under our own brand directly through Amazon US, we can offer products of excellent quality at a fraction of the price of upgrading your camera itself. We offer energy efficient LED lights and full spectrum photography lighting to give you exactly the right light to capture any subject. Our lighting stands are made with a strong die cast aluminum alloy construction that makes them portable and lightweight, but at the same time extremely durable.

Just ask our customers. Our products are among the best selling photography equipment brands on Amazon, and that's for a reason. We are dedicated to delivering excellent quality and provide a heartily service. We deliver the products that make the biggest impact on your photography for the investment, so you can take your photography to the next level.

Browse our selections of durable, long lasting photography and lighting equipment right here on our website or visit: http://www.amazon.com/shops/emartinc to read our reviews.

All EMART® products are backed by a 18 month warranty and we offer a Full 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee — no questions asked so you can shop confidently.