Emart Photography 8.5x10ft Background Stand Backdrop Support System Kit with 10x12ft Muslin Chromakey Green Screen for Photo Video Studio

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1. 8.5 X 10 ft Backdrop Support Stand with Crossbar
2. 10 X 12 ft Muslin Green Chromakey Photography Backdrops
3. [2 x ] Photography Backdrop Studio Clamp | [1 x ] Carrying Bag
4. Muslin Chromakey Green Screen Studio Backdrop Support System Kit
5. Ideal for Creating a Variety of Scenes for Photography or Video production with Muslin Backdrops and Background Support System


[2 x ] 8.5 X 10 ft Backdrop Support Stand
Adjustable height: Min 3 ft – Max 8.5 ft ft
[4 x ] Crossbar: Adjustable width: Min 5 ft – Max 10 ft
Crossbar consists of four sections, making it simple to adjust the width
Hold muslin,canvas or paper and great for home and professional studio use
[2 x ] Photography Backdrop Studio Clamp
Heavy-duty reinforced nylon construction
Maximum Opening: 2.0"inch mouth
Easy to use and grip most standard size of backdrop stands and backgrounds
[1 x ] 10 X 12 ft Green Chromakey Photography Backdrops
100% cotton
Seamless Green Backdrop
Made from one piece of material
Absorb the light and help eliminate reflection
Suitable for costume, portrait and large object photography
[1 x ] Carrying Bag
Made from heavy duty material

In order to facilitate transport and packaging, we folded the photography backdrop cloth.
Please iron the back surface with steam iron.

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