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Portable 61x72inch Green Screen, Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

Portable 61x72inch Green Screen, Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

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[Product introduce]:  SKU:EM-DBSG5870

  • Clean Chroma Key Screen: Wrinkle resistant green screen optimized for camera chroma keying, make the subject have clear and natural edges
  • Ultra Quick Set Up: Green screen build a studio in a few seconds, truly immersive broadcasting
  • Pop Up Innovation: Pull up the green screen and Pneumatic X-frame can lock the height to the place you want
  • Save Your Space: Push the screen back down into the hard case and stash out of sight, easy to transport
  • Dimensions: (Extended) 61.02 x 72.44 inch / Dimensions: (Collapsed) 3.94 x 4.72 x 61.02 inch


Pro level chroma key screen

Plus with the added benefit of it rolling back up into itself, it remains completely wrinkle free! It's perfectly wide and tall enough for a single person, but it folds up small enough to put under a bed.

Green Screen

Professional wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for camera chroma keying making figure background-matting simple & convenient, also making color reduction more real.

Heavy Duty & Rugged Design

Lightweight and compact one-piece design. The retractable design makes it convenient for video streaming on the go.

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