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EMART Photography Umbrellas Continuous Lighting Kit, 10ft Backdrop Support System with Vinyl Plastic White Wood Background

EMART Photography Umbrellas Continuous Lighting Kit, 10ft Backdrop Support System with Vinyl Plastic White Wood Background

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[Product introduce]:

  • The kit includes: 1 x White Wood Floor Backdrop / 1x 7x10ft Backdrop Stand / 2 x 83" Light Stand / 2 x 4.5" Heavy Duty Spring Clamps / 2 x Black Reflector Umbrella / 2 x Translucent Umbrella / 2 x Light Holder / 2 x 45W Energy Saving Bulb / 1 x Convenient Carry Bag for Background Stand
  • Background: Vinyl Plastic material. Compared to paper and cloth backdrop, durable. Type: digital computer printed not washable. Patterns: seamless and fade-resistant.
  • Professional lightweight light stand and crossbar, adjust the height ( 2.6ft to 7ft), adjust the width of crossbar (5ft to 10ft).
  • The white translucent umbrella can soften, broaden and diffuse the light output of any tungsten or studio flash source. The black umbrella reflects all light sources while maximizing light spread.
  • With nearly all major photo equipment, like reflector umbrella, background, photography light, the value of the product is better than its price, is a novice essential entry photography set.


[Product specifications]:

1 x White Wood Floor Backdrop
The picture is clear, realistic, stereo sense is strong
It's perfect for any professional or private photography
Size: 5*10ft. The backdrop is lightweight, easy storage and carry
Material: Vinyl Plastic. Compare to paper and cloth backdrop, durable
4 x 83" Light Stand
Aluminum alloy construction
Sections: 3
Max height: 83"(220cm)
Min height: 33" (84cm)
Folded height: 26.4"(67cm)
Diameter of legs: Φ0.63" (Φ16mm)
Net weight: 2.20 lbs (1kg)
2 x Interlocking Adjustable Crossbar
Aluminum alloy construction
Sections: 2
Max length: 10ft (300cm)
Min length:5ft (152cm)


2 x Heavy Duty Spring Clamp
4.5 inches long
3/4" x 5/8" rugged, pivoting pads
Package Size: 7.5 x 7.5 x 2"
Maximum Opening: 2" mouth
2 x 33" Black Reflective Umbrella
The black umbrella softens all light sources while maximizing light spread and reflects more light
Inner silver lining reflects light and makes your picture brighter
Outer black lining keeps unwanted light from being reflected into your photo
Ideal for eliminating warmth from an object or subject
2 x 33" Translucent White Umbrella
Made of high quality nylon construction
Works well to diffuse the light from any Flash/Strobe light and constant light
Premium snow white translucent reflector (33" Wide)
Reflect and spread light stream evenly
Eliminate glare and spots


2 x 45W Energy Saving Bulb
Power: 45W
Color temperature: 5500K
Link mode: E26
Voltage: 110V
Lifetime: >8000h
Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb - save energy up to 80%
2 x Light Holder
Made of high impact plastic and aluminum. Support heavy weight and hold up against tough working conditions
Insert fluorescent spiral bulb and umbrella and adjust your mount so it is at an optimum angle for getting great photographic results
On/off switch
Lamp base: E27/E27
Cord & Plug included(9.2ft/280cm)
1 x Convenient Carry Bag for Backdrop Support
Great for transporting backdrop stand
This will ensure your backdrop light stands when not in use is properly protected from dirt, moisture, dust and damage

[Crease solutions]:

Solution 1:
Roll up the background cloth and place it for 3 to 5 days.

Solution 2:
use the iron on low-medium through a damp towel and just meticulously iron out the creases.



In order to facilitate transport and packaging, we folded the photography backdrop cloth.
Please iron the back surface with steam iron.

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