Who Are We

IDEAS ILLUMINATED EMART was born out of a passion for photography and the desire to elevate the art form to new heights. As a subsidiary of EMART, the brand specialized in producing high-end photography equipment, with a focus on backdrop stands and lighting stands.

From the very beginning, our brand was dedicated to creating products that catered specifically to the needs of photography studios and professional photographers. Every product was designed with the utmost attention to detail, with features that enhanced functionality and durability.

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    EMART is a resonpsible company. Every time I have questions, I can get reply within 24h. And results always are satisfied!

    —— Jose Tapia


    Is exactly what I was looking for. With the sturdiness and strength of a equipment upgrade from what I have. At present I don’t have a dislike concerning this equipment.

    —— K Payne


    I own a small online store, usually I have to take product photos by myself. EMART just feed my need, reasonable price with adequate function.

    —— Dillon Patterson