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What is a backgrounds?

Backgrounds, also known as backdrops, are a standard feature used in a controlled setting such as a photography studio. The ability to change backgrounds adds versatility to portraits allowing you endless possibilities in truly crafting an image. Backdrops are available in various types and are categorized based on the size and materials they are made of. These can range from simple solids to subtle patterns and even custom-painted, photo-realistic scenes. To effectively use a backdrop you will need stands and other accessories.

Why use a backgrounds?

When planning an event, it is vital to consider every little aspect of the decor to enhance the ambiance. Each element of an event decor contributes to making the entire theme come together. Backdrops are the quintessential elements that highlight the event décor and are a great way to complement either classic and traditional or sleek and contemporary theme.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, tradeshow or a corporate event, creating a backdrop that imparts elegance and grandeur is crucial to turn the surroundings into a majestic space.

1.Elevate the Theme and Decor of any Event

The first thing that catches the eye is the venue decoration, which sets the mood of the event. Using Backgrounds Curtains will let you style your event decorations the way you want according to your theme and color schemes. Most venues provide dull and boring generic backgrounds that are out of fashion and unappealing. To give your event a stylish and trendy look, choose graceful backgrounds ideas and give them life with our vast range of backgrounds.

2.Backdrops Hide The Imperfections Of The Venue

It is a well-known fact that backgrounds add a touch of elegance and enhance the décor. For indoor events and occasions, they also come in handy to hide the unsightly backgrounds, flawed walls, and spaces which otherwise dampen the charm of your event decor. Backgrounds will allow you to conceal your fixer-upper venue and hide all the blemishes in the most charming manner!

3.Wide Range of Color, Material, and Style

Backgrounds give you freedom to create your dream look in the style and color you want. With the wide range of choices available, you can easily and elegantly experiment with unique styles, material, and hues. 

5.Easy To Customize And Personalize

One of the best things about using backgrounds is that they can be customized to add personalized touches to your event decor. With wide choices of options and personalized accessories we offer, you can make your backgrounds exude sweet personalized feel. Create a Paper Flower Background by creatively arranging Tissue Paper Flowers of different sizes and colors in your event’s theme. There is a multitude of options available to adorn your custom backdrops for added beauty and grandeur.

6.Backdrops Can Double As Gorgeous Photo Booths

Having photo booths at special events is a new trend. Stunning background can become breathtaking photo backgrounds where your guests can leave forever imprints through photos. To make these pictures shine, create a photo booth backgrounds with our Backdrop Stand. Use it for home events as well as for holding up any of our Photography Backdrop Stand and set up a perky photo booth for your guests to take insta-worthy shots.

Overview of EMART backgrounds

EMART backgrounds is made from durable high quality Muslin material.

Muslin is a cotton weave fabric that holds dyes and paints with ease. These backgrounds are made of lightweight material and are clamped to a background stand or even draped over anything to transform the look of a picture. As the muslin is made of thinner and lighter material, it does not show wrinkles and can be used as a neutral background or as a dramatic one. It comes in many different sizes and pattern that range from 5x8 to 30x30 feet and solid color backdrop or designer series patterned design. Muslin backgrounds can feature replicas of old master paintings, abstract patterns or marbleized patterns. This material is very portable and fairly inexpensive making it a favorite with photographers.

How to choose background?

Selecting backgrounds is one of the easiest ways to add personality and style to your studio photography and videos. Whether you are shooting portraits or products, the background behind your subject can make or break your image. Cluttered backgrounds are distracting and draw attention away from your subject. And if you’re attempting to sell products online, a cluttered image may cause you to lose sales. Selecting a background may seem like a relatively simple task. However, there are many types and styles of backgrounds available in different sizes, patterns, and materials.

1. Background Size Options

There are a few things to consider when choosing a background size, including the size of your studio and the size of your subject. Portrait subjects should typically be pulled at least 3’ away from your background to prevent shadows and allow for easy lighting. Of course, this distance your subject will be from the background will be altered when taking overhead or backlit/high key shots. Below, we’ll discuss both the length and width restrictions of common backgrounds.



5" x 7" Background

A 5" wide by 7" long background is a great size for headshots and ¾-length portraits. These backgrounds are easy to manage and require minimal space to set up. They are ideal for event photographers who often work in busy spaces or for photographers working in a small home studio.



6" x 9" Background

A 6" wide by 9" long background is designed to sit at 7′ tall with 4-feet of backdrop sweeping along the floor. This length of background is perfect for full-body portraits of a single person, as well ¾-length portraits.



10" x 12" Background

A 10" wide x 12" long background is perfect for studios.Not only that, if you want to shoot a portrait or video with a horizontal screen, this size of background is also very suitable.


9" x 15" Background

A 9" wide by 15" long background is what can be found in most professional studios because of its versatility for shooting full-length portraits, family portraits, and larger product shots.


10" x 20" Background

With a 10" wide by 20" long background, you’ll be able to cover just about every style of portraiture and product photography. These backgrounds are great if you want to photograph a larger family full-length or have a video shoot that requires movement. These long backgrounds are great for when you want to pull your subjects far from your background as well.

2. Background Color Options

There are endless choices of background color and print selections. The choice you make depends on the mood and story that you’d like to portray with your photograph or video. Here are some resources for selecting the proper style of background:

Wood Color Background

The wood color background is suitable for the photo shooting of festival atmosphere.It does not need to be modified later, and can be used directly as a background

White Seamless Background

White background are great for easy photo compositing for headshots, stock photos and product photography and for creating a clean, high-key, professional looking portraits. 

Black Background

Black backgrounds are great for low-key, rich looking professional photos and capturing stunning portraits.

Green Screen Background

When you’re looking to place your subject in a location that is not easily accessible and also allows you to use any digital image as a background. 

3. Background Mounting Options

There are many systems available for mounting backgrounds, including some more professional options. Below, we’ll discuss the solutions of EMART backgrounds.

The 2-in-1 Collapsible Background is an ultra portable option for video and photo with a reversible 2 sided background. This reversible double sided 5’ x 6.5’ backdrop provides a smooth and seamless look for professional-quality portraits, product photography, podcasts, vlogging, video conferencing, broadcast, online gaming, and more.

The collapsible backdrops are easy to mount with the light stand clip designed to work with any pop-up background or collapsible reflector.

Collapsible Background

  • Velcro button design
  • Simple to use
  • Wide application
  • Easy to set up and collapse
  • Has double sides and two colors 
  • Multiple uses

Green/Blue Reversible

White/Black Reversible

Blue/Grey Reversible