EMART Expand Roller Backdrop Wall Mount

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[Package Contents]:2 x Tri-fold hooks, 6 x Expand bars, 3 x Chains, 8 x Clamp screws, 3 x load-bearing pendants

1.This is an Ideal set for small studio or home studio, a smart choice for substitute of expensive electrical roller system

2.The counter-balanced chain and gear assembly makes raising and lowering your backgrounds quick and easy

3.This is a great unit for your permanent studio set-ups. It can be attached directly into your wall/ceiling, allowing you to set-up your personal studio with ease

[Product Size]:

[Installation Tips]: It depends on what type of backdrop you'll use

(1) For Paper Backdrop Roll with Center Rod - Directly slot the paper backdrop into the expansion rod

(2) For Muslin or Canvas Backdrop Without Center Rod - You'll need to get a center rod (e.g. 2 inches PVC pipe) and attach it to the expansion rod and roll the backdrop onto the pipe. (You can use any water PVC pipe, and cut it to any length to ensure the tube is longer than the width of the backdrop.)


[Product display]:It can be installed on the wall,but also on the ceiling