Matte Seamless Photography Background Paper | 4.4x16ft | Arctic White

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  • Less Wrinkles - Made of thick arctic white paper, 16 feet long, If you accidentally stain the paper, just rip the paper off pull it down and once again a brand new backdrop.
  • Less reflective - Use matte color #93 arctic white for photography backgrounds, portrait, product shooting. Really no shine or reflection back to the camera.
  • Easy Clean Up - Use a pencil eraser to rub off dirt or shoe markings while you're shooting.
  • Flexible Size - 4.4 feet wide, 16 feet long. You can also cut the paper to size and hung it up as your background.
  • Wide Application - It can be hung by the backdrop stand pole, or cut it to size to meet your need. Good props for photoshoot, paint, pet photography, etc.