3 Phone Tripods in 2021


What is the best iPhone tripod? What tripod should you choose for iPhone group portraits, long exposures, landscapes, and more?

Below, I reveal 3 tripods for iPhone in our shop; by the time you finish reading, you’ll know which tripod to buy, no matter your style, methods, and budget.

The three tripods in our shop are different. Although the functions are similar, the application occasions are similar. It’s all about finding the right gear to suit your style and photographic preferences!


1. EMART 5500K LED Photography Lighting Stand


If I had to recommend a single iPhone tripod that’s great for nearly everyone, it’d be this one. It’s small, flexible, versatile, and able to handle a variety of different shooting conditions.

It’s also very inexpensive, so it’s a great option if you aren’t yet sure what you’re hoping to shoot and are looking to grab an all-around solid model. It isn’t very tall and doesn’t hold up under a lot of weight, but for many smartphone photographers, that won’t matter.

It is also portable and flexible. With ball head with 1/4 "screw, the lamp head of video lighting is detachable, compatible with multiple DSLR, phones and camera tripods, and video lighting can rotate 360° to provide multi-angle lighting. Also, the tripod leg can flexibly rotate 360° so it's possible to increase stability when the video light warps on a pole or stands on the desk.You can attach the tripod to nearly anything: tree limbs, fence posts, you name it. Or you can set it on top of a table or other flat surface. It comes with a mount that fits most smartphones and a ball head that can be twisted in every direction.


  • Small size makes it great for travelers
  • Adjustable legs can be contorted into almost any position
  • Built-in ball head makes it easy to adjust your phone angle
  • You can manually select 7 RGB lighting colors and 3 color temperature
  • It is also can be a USB-Powered table top light.(Because there is a RGB light with the stand)
  • Various Uses: Photo light can be used for live streaming, food shooting, product photography, green screen lighting, video call and conference, Instagram TikTok YouTube filming, selfie and hiking.


  • Small size is a disadvantage if you need to shoot pictures from eye level
  • Leg joints can deteriorate over time and wear out with constant use



2. EMART Lightweight Mini Tripod


This tripod is different than the rest; instead of trying to do many things, it does one thing really well: It sits on a flat surface and holds your phone steady. That’s it. And for many photographers, that’s enough.

This tripod is lightweight and travels easily. The head is super simple to adjust, which means you can quickly position your iPhone to get the shot you want.

Not only is this pint-sized tripod sturdy and well made, it includes a wireless remote. It can even perform double duty as a tripod for your Go-pro&camera.


  • With a wireless remote,which can control it from a distance
  • Lightweight mini tripod; designed to stand up to lots of wear and tear
  • The metal ball head supports 90° tilt,the height&angles can be adjustable
  • Mounting plate makes it easy to attach and remove a mobile phone or camera
  • With a standard 1/4 screw mount, you can easily mount it on GoPro, most video cameras, small digital cameras, projector, webcam and small DSLR cameras


  • Small size is not well suited for some types of photography
  • Not great for groups



3. EMART 55'' Phone Tripod with Bluetooth Remote


In many ways, this product is the opposite of the before ones. It’s large, tall, and not suited to a huge variety of conditions – but it boasts greater reach and more stability than smaller options can offer. It has all the features of a truly professional tripod at a price that won’t break the bank, and it’s a solid option for iPhone photographers who don’t mind a little extra bulk in their camera bag.

Despite the name, this tripod is anything but compact. However, it is lightweight and travels easily. The pistol-grip ball head is super simple to adjust, which means you can quickly position your iPhone to get the shot you want.


  • Smooth 3-way swivel head
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Fairly lightweight&Adjustable height; easy for travelers to carry around
  • Unique pistol-grip ball head is easy to use


  • Build quality is decent but not extremely impressive
  • Not as rock solid as other options when fully extended


With so many great options available, it’s difficult to identify one best iPhone tripod. Each of these options could be described as the best at what it does, which means it just might be perfect for you. Whether you want something small and portable, large and sturdy, or anywhere in between, there is a tripod out there that is right for your needs. The difficult part is separating the wheat from the chaff, and hopefully this list helps you learn our shop's tripods better.

Of course, the most important factor in this equation is you. Before you pick a tripod, think about your own sense of creativity and your photographic vision. Once you know the kind of photos you want to take, come back to this list and find the iPhone tripod that will help you get the shots you want.



Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone Tripod

Before buying a smartphone tripod you should consider your budget and what you will primarily be shooting. 


If you are looking for something inexpensive to stabilize your phone for shooting videos at home or taking video calls, a low-cost compact phone tripod will probably be plenty. If you are interested in creating YouTube videos, vlogging or streaming live a more advanced phone tripod that has the option to attach external microphones or lights will be a better match for you. 


If you are planning to use the phone tripod to shoot TikTok videos or other content where you will be replacing original audio with something pre-recorded, a full-sized tripod that allows you to capture full body shots is the way to go. Full-sized tripods can go over six feet in height, while tabletop tripods can stand just a few inches tall.

Shooting conditions

Consider whether you will be shooting indoors or outside—something that is made of cheap plastic materials will fair better in an indoor setting than it will outdoors. Ultimately the price of smartphone tripods tends to go up based on the materials that they are built out of. A tripod that has metal components will last a lot longer than one made of plastic, but will also cost more. 




Q: Which is the best mobile tripod?

The best mobile tripod depends a lot on what you plan to be shooting and where. If you are looking to vlog and taking your phone outside of the home or office, a high-end tripod like the first product may be your best bet. If most of the content that you are planning to be film will be done from the comfort of your desk, a lower cost, desktop tripod should be plenty. 

Q: Are phone tripods worth it?

A phone tripod will make it a lot easier to create stable footage and also allows you to go hands-free. If you are looking to film a lot of content with your smartphone having a reliable tripod is one of the best tools you can invest in. 

Q: When should you shoot with a tripod?

Anytime you want stabilized, hands-free video footage with a smartphone a tripod is your best bet. Shooting with a phone tripod also means you don’t have to worry about your finger covering the lens of your smartphone or the speakers. Ultimately using a tripod will make any footage shot with a smartphone a more professional feeling. 

Q: Do I need a tripod for my iPhone?

There are many circumstances in which you do not need a tripod to take pictures with your iPhone or other mobile phone. But sometimes there’s no other way to get the shot you want. Tripods aren’t a necessity for iPhone photos, but they can be hugely helpful depending on the pictures you have in mind.

Q: Are expensive tripods better than cheap tripods?

While you can get a better-quality tripod by spending more money, inexpensive options often work just as well. If you are shooting in extreme conditions or need a tripod that stands up to endless abuse, you may want to pay more for a tripod that will last longer and be better suited to your needs. Cheap options are often fine for most photographers, however, and if you break or lose it, it’s not a big deal.

Q: Can I use an iPhone tripod with an Android phone?

Absolutely! Each of these tripods works great no matter what kind of phone you have, though some – like the Peak Design tripod – might require an adapter.

Q: How tall should an iPhone tripod be?

That depends on your goals for your iPhone photos. If you value photographic versatility above all else, then look for a tripod that extends to at least 32″ tall. However, many iPhone tripods are 12″ tall or less. That might seem like a big limitation, but if portability is important to you, such a tripod is probably the way to go.

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