Female photographers take centre stage!


© Isabela Eseverri, Venezuela, Shortlist; © Dinorah Graue Obscura, Mexico, Winner; © Nina TBerg, Germany, Shortlist; © Hanna Lisava, Germany; © Maryia Sapego, Belarus, Shortlist; © Cigdem Ayyildiz, Turkey, Shortlist - Alpha Female Award, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Today we release the latest announcement from the Sony World Photography Awards: the Alpha Female Award winner and shortlist. Chosen from successful entries to the Open competition, a delicate still life, meditative portrait, a fun action shot and distinctive wildlife images are among the successful images.

© Ewa Jermakowicz, Poland, Shortlist, Alpha Female Award, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Set up two years ago by the World Photography Organisation and Sony US, the award stems from Sony Alpha's Alpha Female programme, which focuses on providing a platform for photographers and videographers to share their stories and inspire the world with their creativity, passion, and drive. 

Speaking about the programme, initiator Michael Ions says: 'The Alpha Female program was born out of a desire for Sony to contribute to the elevation of diverse points-of-view in the industry we work in and love. We know that diversity in visual arts is paramount to its growth and influence in our culture, and we wanted to be a supporter in the quest for representation in photography and film.' Find out more about the Alpha programme here. 

© Klaudia Chwastek, Poland, Shortlist, Alpha Female Award, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

Created to empower female photographic talent and promote their work to an international audience, the Alpha Female Award aims to create a powerful platform and ensure the photographic industry is a space where both genders can excel. 


A huge congratulations to this year’s winner Dinorah Graue Obscura from Mexico for her image Crowned Tree Frog. Speaking about the image, Dinorah says: ‘I came across this jewel of the rainforest during a nighttime walk in Guapiles, Costa Rica, back in September 2021. To me it looks as if it was made out of chocolate - and if you look at it, it has a beautiful crown. The symmetry in its head is just perfect.’ Alongside having her image included in the Sony World Photography Awards book and exhibition, Dinorah wins Sony digital imaging kit. 

© Dinorah Graue Obscura, Mexico, Winner, Alpha Female Award, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards

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