The Best LED Light Panel for Newbies | Report on


Based on the article "Best LED light panels of 2022" by Dan Bergstein published on,  EMART LED Video Light won the best LED light panel for newbies. — 

If you’ve never used a lighting kit and want some practice before investing a lot of money, this inexpensive LED kit gives you enough to get started. For less than $40, don’t expect high-quality materials and dependable manufacturing. This is a budget-priced lighting kit that’s more fun than functional. Those looking to stock a professional home studio, look elsewhere. But it does come with two LED lights, two stands, and four filters that allow you to experiment with light setups. Great for kids who have a creative spark, the lights are easy to use. The lights are also pretty good LED lights for Zoom calls. The stands only reach 4.5 feet, and are meant for tabletop lighting and sitting on desks. 

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