EMART Top Photography Gears of 2021


Struggling to choose the perfect backdrop stand, lights, or accessories?

Here’s our most popular EMART photography gears from 2021.

Take a look!


1. EMART 18 inch Ring Light with Light Stand



18 inch Ring Light (Best entry-level option)
18 inch Ring Light retails for $115.99. This makes it an extremely affordable way to get the photos/videos for your selfie or live-stream. Here are some of its features:

  • Special LED SMD design
  • Height:33-70 inches
  • The color temperature: 3200k-5500k
  • The brightness: 10% - 100%
  • Two remote controls: one change the color temperature and brightness, and the other is for Bluetooth
  • Two power supply modes: power adapter and battery

It is suitable for multiple scenarios:Online Class;Mukbang;Tiktok;Make up;Selfie;Photograph etc.


2. EMART 24"x24" 1000W Softbox Lighting Kit



1000W Softbox (Best for lighting)

1000W Softbox is another excellent option if you’re interested in product shooting. Here are some of its top features:

  • Pure white daylight & Soft light without dazzling
  • Lamp holder height: 33 "- 86"
  • Lamp holder: 210 °
  • 5 in 1 reflector
  • High-quality stone embossed reflective fabric to make the light more intense.

Collectively, these features will make it more suitable to portrait-shooting lights. It currently retails at the ultra-affordable price of $93.99.


3. EMART Collapsible Chroma Key Panel Green Screen


Green Screen(suitable for live-stream)

EMART Green Screen is a pro level chroma key screen.Plus with the added benefit of it rolling back up into itself, it remains completely wrinkle free! It's perfectly wide and tall enough for a single person, but it folds up small enough to put under a bed.Here are some of its main features:

  • Clean Chroma Key Screen
  • Ultra Quick Set Up
  • Save Your Space: easy to transport
  • Dimensions: 61.02 x 72.44 inch

Professional wrinkle-resistant Green screen optimized for camera chroma keying making figure background-matting simple & convenient, also making color reduction more real.




4. EMART 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System



8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support (Best for photo studio)

If you want a complete set of photographic equipment, 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support  is your best choice.Here are some of its top features:

  •  8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop stand with 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(black, white green)
  • The angle of the bulb holders can be turned both horizontally and vertically
  • Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread
  • Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow
  • Light stand can be adjusted between 2.5ft- 7ft

It is a valuable all-inclusive kit. Including most of essential studio components with reasonable budget. Saving your time and it is really suit for photography beginners, family shooting, business and professional studio. 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support currently retails for $219.99 .


5. EMART 5-in-1 Photography Reflector


5-in-1 Photography Reflector(Best for portrait-shooting accessories)

5-in-1 Photography Reflector provide you with more even light, fit to different needs of photography.Here are some of its main features:

  • 5 in 1 Sun Reflectors for Photography
  • Collapsible Diffuser Panel
  • Portable and Compact
  • Use Widely

It is professional photography accessories, easy for travel, storage, photoshoot, outdoor photography activities. Suitable for beginners to use.



6. EMART four color 5x7ft Photo Backdrop



5x7ft Photo Backdrop(Best for using with backdrop stand)

EMART 5x7ft Photo Backdrop is made from durable non-woven fabrics, which is a good alternative product for professional background cloth. 

Here are some of the product’s main features:

  • Surface has a three-dimensional network structure
  • The color is soft so the reflection can be eliminated
  • Lightweight background & easy to transport and storage.
  • Durable spring clamps : Perfect match with background cloth.

It is suitable for photography shooting, making video, portrait photo. EMART 5x7ft Photo Backdrop currently retails for $16.99 and is an ideal choice for matching with backdrop stand.

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